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Whilst Lockdown has been a time of change and adaptation, of uncertainty and difficulty, the one thing it has brought to our household is time together and an appreciation for a more simple way of life.

Shropshire-Family-Photographer-Telford-Family-Photography-Session-003Shropshire-Family-Photographer-Telford-Family-Photography-Session-003 001-Carding-Mill-Valley-Family-Photographer-Shropshire001-Carding-Mill-Valley-Family-Photographer-Shropshire

003-Quarry-Shrewsbury-Family-Photographer-Shropshire003-Quarry-Shrewsbury-Family-Photographer-Shropshire 007-Shropshire-Hills-Family-Photographer-Shropshire007-Shropshire-Hills-Family-Photographer-Shropshire

I've been thinking ahead (hard to plan and think about at the moment I know) but when all of this is over, and it will be hopefully in the coming months, there will be a real sense of gratitude and appreciation for our freedom.

With this in mind, why not book that family photography session that you've thought about booking but not got round to. Go wild in the woods, have fun in the forest, run together, play, hug and celebrate our family and freedom. It would be fabulous to get grandparents and other family members involved too to celebrate being back together again or maybe best friends you've not seen for months! I'd love to photograph a reunion shoot or just a lovely family walk together with some fun thrown in.


Shropshire-Family-Photographer-Telford-Family-Photography-Session-001Shropshire-Family-Photographer-Telford-Family-Photography-Session-001 Shropshire-Family-Photographer-Telford-Family-Photography-Session-002Shropshire-Family-Photographer-Telford-Family-Photography-Session-002

With freedom and good times in mind, I'm offering a reduced rate on my family photography sessions in Shropshire. Instead of the usual £150, I'm reducing this to £100, with ALL digital images thrown in. To claim this offer, you will need to purchase a voucher from me for a 'Freedom Shoot', pay just £50 now and the remaining £50 after your shoot to release all of your digital images for download. Vouchers will be valid until the end of 2021. Shoots will last approx 1hour and will need to take place at a mutually agreed outdoor location within Shropshire.

Take a look at my Family Photography Sessions page here to give you an idea of my sessions and more examples of my Family Photography work.

Contact me here to enquire and purchase your voucher.



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